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A Happy New Year!

Everything worked out fine. We mastered our Blu-Ray Player. We cooked everything.
We bathed and relaxed.
We're wearing upper cute Summer Yukatas...and in a few minutes we start eating and celebrating the good things of 2011 :)

Claudia and me, we're wishing all of you a wonderful, happy, and great year 2012 :)

And as we say in Germany: Frohes Neues und Guten Rutsch! :D

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Okay...really...I thought I wouldn't write another entry...


It just didn't stop.
We killed a fox with our car on Christmas. 
A fucking fox. On CHRISTMAS.
I even said to my family at the dinning table: god, yes it's horrible to even kill a animal with a car...but I hope we will never ever kill a fox in that way.
23:30 it happened. On the same fucking day.

On the next day we had to go to the police and get ourselves lectured because 'how could we not phone them?? The poor ANIMAL!'
(as if my bad conscience wasn't enough already ;___; I just could not bear it to look at the poor thing...we didn't dare to...really not. And our parents said it would be okay to drive home first and recover....;____; ) 

Luckily we weren't injured physically.

Than we really wanted to make ourselves a nice New Year's Eve...
We planned to finally buy a Blu-Ray player so we could watch the extras on our Thor Blu-ray (it's the only Blu-Ray we own so far...no money for a big TV and all...) (we bought it especially for the extra stuff....being big Thor-fans since we watched the movie in cinema.)
We bought one...but we mixed another player up with the one we bought and didn't have any adapter available for our TV...

So we went to the store and swapped the player with one who DOES have the right junctions.

Back at home we realized that we didn't have the right cable/adaptor combination.

So Claudia drove to buy one, even got one for 'only' 10 euros (we already lost 12 euros more due to the fact that we bought another player than the 'wrong one') and now it just...broke. (after it showed us a perfect audio but only b/w video............)
Fucking broke.
And now Claudia is off to buy the more expensive one for around 20 euros...

did I mention the stores will close at 14:00 p.m. over here?

Thank you 2011.
It's enough. Really.
And thank you for senseless arguments I had over the last month. Like in...almost everyday.

I shall now continue to clean our flat. 
At least something that won't go wrong.
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Life Updates 2011

Mmpf...I kinda feel ashamed that I didn't post ANYTHING since last year.

Anyway...because I'm feeling like (and I finally dare to write) it...here's what happened in 2011:

1. Study
Everything seems fine. I made all my deadlines received feedback that was kinda okay and got good grades.
I only got two semesters left and that makes me feel...well...I'd lye if I said I wasn't afraid.
My Bachelor project is going to be a comic about comics and I really thought it was cool as hell...but after discovering bit by bit how much the DC reboot sucks I'm not very motivated to do anything.
I barely go to my courses atm but why's that you'll see later...

2. Love
Claudia and I are running fast to our 4 th year together. We love each other like a sappy couple should. :)
She's my one and only support and I'm still very grateful that I can be together with her.

3. Remember the Internship from last year?
It was a great time and I got a great reference from Panini. I wish I could work there someday...

4. Drawing
I am...not very confident about anything from me right now when it comes to drawing.
Of course I force myself to draw from time to time but I am not very happy about the results :/
I definitely need more training.

5. Strawberry Heroes - The third show "Superbuddies" (working title)
As you can see "working title" doesn't mean anything good ^^;
Due to my and Claudia's study stuff we had to rearrange our plans concerning the third stage show.
We didn't have the full cast and after some stuff happened recently it was a good idea that we didn't worked for a
debut for 2012. The show is still in production but the premiere will be in 2013.

6. Cosplay
Claudia and I won the German prelim of the World Cosplay Summit 2012 and are now the German Team 2012 who will go
to Japan, Nagoya, to represent our country!
We're stupidly proud of ourselves because we never would have guessed that we could actually win!
Friends and family are suddenly 'pro-cosplay' and we're just happy.
(if you want to see what we're doing in the meantime til we go to japan look over here at our WCS journal:
http://wcs-germany-12.livejournal.com/ )

7. Family
okay...that's the real reason why I even started this entry...
My little sister had an abortion around September 2009. She only told my father she was pregnant and her shitty boyfriend didn't want the kid. My father paid for the abortion. And only when my sister and her ex split up (it was quite nasty) my mom found everything out.
You can imagine what happened to my sister's and mom's relationship after that. 
I won't expand that fact because...well it's a fucked up story that started when my mom and my dad divorced... (all with depressions, lots of lies and all the 'good' stuff)
I will only go to the recent events that really really hurt me.

My sis joined the Strawberry Heroes in 2010 as a 'last-minute'-plan as a replacement for another member.
She wanted to continue to be at the group and I was happy that we could spend some time together via the Strawberries after all the shit that happened.

We agreed that after another member was thrown out (because...gosh was that a mean bitch!) we shouldn't and couldn't rehearse at the old location anymore and so we started to meet at my mom's and sis' flat. (they live next door since the move from Essen to my hometown)
So we met and had a nice weekend so far 'til my sister actually threw us all out, (right in front of all the other Strawberries) because -and now it comes- you will love this- because I didn't do what she said and/or claimed that I should do.
There were allegations and reprovals from her like 'I work three weeks in a row that's my first free weekend' and 'why aren't you doing what you said you would do' and as I already said...the final was when she actually said 'we all could go then'.

After a quite big breakdown I decided I don't want to see my sister in quite a long time.
(incl. christmas and stuff...)
My mom and grandma already said stuff like 'oooh why can't you get along again?' and make me feel like I'm the one who's the bad guy in this soap opera....

And the apex...the apex of it all is, that they even tried to explain her behaviour because she's...PREGNANT.
My little sister who had an abortion is PREGNANT. From her boyfriend she's together with like...3 MONTHS.
And no, I can't feel glad about that, not one bit. 

As you can see, that is the very-very-short-version of what I can't handle at the moment.

All my thoughts circle around my family. Again. Just like in February 2010...when I got to know the 'whole' story.
Of how my sister is just stupid that she does that to herself.
Of how my mom just drinks too much after work and how I can't bear her moods when we visit her.
Of how I will never be able to tell this family how I really feel at the moment.
Of how happy I am that I don't live with them anymore.

It's christmas eve and I am very sad that my mom didn't ask for professional help after the divorce.

I am who I am because of the experiences I made but sometimes it's just rough and hard to bear it all.
I know it isn't my problem what my mom or my sis does but god damn it I hate it when they try to blame me for everything or for the fact that I know the consequences that follow if you're too hurt and don't want that anymore.



Because New Year's Eve isn't that far away and I won't write another entry in this year (I won't fool myself) here are my good intentions for 2012:

-get myself finally tested on ADD/ADHD (I want to do that since winter 2009...it would explain so much.)
-finish the third Strawberry Heroes show "Superbuddies"
-do all the WCS cosplays in time and not with too much stress.
-finish my study
-know what I want to do the first year after my study (freelance illustrator? another education?)
-come to terms if I want a new more fitting name. (as in: real life name) And if I will out myself to my family and friends as at least transgender.
(binding for almost 1 1/2 years wasn't big enough as a clue...)

(haha that's the first time I actually write it anywhere...)

My last three years were full of disappointments, letdowns, lies, frustration and tears, but there were also great achievements, so much love from the love of my life and things I would never have dared to even dream. I met some really nice people which I befriended but at the same moment I threw some people from my 'friends list' as well...
And god, tumblr isn't the right platform for me...most of the time I go frustrated there and I'm even more frustrated after surfing. (it feels like I'm now the fat comic geek who says 'that's not my Batman' although I'm a slasher myself and I'm very tolerant and all...some things just get on my nerves...BIG TIME.)

2011 itself was...exhausting.

Sorry this wasn't an happy entry. Not really.
I shouldn't blog when depressed *haha*

I really should re-read all the stuff in the Rogues-comm. And the Pipster comm. 
I miss it so much but don't dare to go there...as if I'm afraid of the fact that everything went on and I just missed the chance to make contact again with all the great people there...

oh boy...
I really shouldn't blog when I'm depressed...

Will draw now one of the last pics of this year.

bye bye for now!

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Life updates!


VERY long time, no see...

Sorry for that guys but studying, doing superhero stage shows and getting a internship were quite the time-eater.

So, just to get you up to date, I'll post this and hopefully gonna post more the next time...
It's seperated in topics so you can read it quite fast XD

1. Study
Worked great out the last semester! I had high marks in my art classes and was very proud I finished my first comic that can be at least looked at. It really isn't pretty buuuuut....well. It was a comic based on a piece of literature. ^^
A angel, flying around and he looked...well like Booster Gold XD There was also Teddy the Cherry-Tree-Ghost.....weeeell^^;
Oh and I did a children's book for my other art class ('Fuck your fear' was the topic) and it was against homophobia.
And the main characters were named Theodor...Michael and...Max! TADAAA!
Haha, nerdy things are great to use in projects ^^

*ha* *sighs* I really wanted to post this stuff, but I finished my term and started working on....

2. Secret Files - the second Strawberry Heroes' show.
It's become a great show. :) Born from an idea we had at New Year it developed into an even better show than A Hero's Quest.
Booster Gold gets a sidekick, Stargirl, and fails horribly at educating her XD (and just because he wants to save the JLA from the big smashup, caused by all the cool new stuff that is more interesting than superheroes)
The debut of Secret Files were on FANTASYDAYS 2010 in Düsseldorf Neuss and we had a great reaction towards it.
Third show you're next! And I really hope that I can't believe it's not the Justice League!

3. Love Life
Great. :) Still in love with my now fiancee. :3

4. Drawing

uuuh yes. I've been drawing. Really. Quite a lot actually. But I can't bring myself to post any of it... U___U I'm such a fail....
Hope I'll get this straight during/after my internship.

5. Cosplay
aaaaaaaaand yes. I'm still cosplaying. A lot actually. And we made photos. QUITE a lot actually...but....I can't bring myself to post-
hey, wait a sec!
Anyway, I hope to post more reguarly from now on.

aaaand finally:


Yap, my education as a normal person jumped into the next level with having to search for an internship possibility.
And -because I'm a lucky bastard- I know an editor of Panini.
This is the publishing house who publishes ALL superhero/sci-fi/whatever comics and magazines and makes cool sticker albums and games-novels and MAD and....
*coughs* well, they've got all the licenses for the German-speaking market. (and of course the Italian...their head office is in Italy.)
And I'm doing my internship there :DDDD

To be precisely I'm doing it in Stuttgart and my first week there is almost over and it's GREAT.
I hope I can work one day at Panini.
The people are so friendly and funny. The working times are PERFECT and there are some advantages I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to shout in teh internetz. ^^;
But believe me it's great :)
I'm doing editorial stuff, translating stuff and of course marketing stuff.
AND: I'm in the superhero room ;D

So you see, I'm all powered up -although I'm now working haha- and I'll try very hard to get in touch again with all the comms over here and the great fanworks here.^^

Cheese and love for all!


p.s.: yep, I still checked Boostle. Always XD I'm addicted. I'm sorry XD
p.p.s.: I have to reread all the stuff over at Pipster and Flash Rogues....oh crap it's much XD
p.p.p.: Not seeing my GF is really really hard...but at least we're only 150 kms apart and the internship lasts only (almost) 6 months.
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No comment

I know, THAT was a creative title.

It's been a long time since my last post -what a surprise *coughs*- and so it's more a small update on everything.

What did I do the last months AFTER "A Hero's Quest"?
-study (more or less)

-doing my projects (more or less)

-going through some interesting...realizations.

-living through the test and project deadline-phase and surviving it (YEAH ME! Everything was done in time and I don't think I failed the tests...)

-getting to know some quite shocking family facts. (my sister's got serious problems. Like in serious serious. .___. *sighs*)

-trying to relaunch my passion for drawing (this is one of the hardest things!)

I hope I can do the last thing pretty quick. I'm somehow tired of trying 'to be the best' and making myself feel somehow...I dunno...unsatisfied with my results. I almost lost the fun of drawing and that's really sad and frustrating. : /

Well well you won't hear from me anytime soon because I try to reactivate my drawing skills and sort this family stuff out and of course try to get these 'realizations' confirmed.

So long!
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Fantasydays are over :)

Well well.
First of all: This isn't my final report of the FANTASYDAYS. I'm too lazy right now to tipe it *grin*
I wanted to share pics of Booster Butt Gold :) And of course of the Show. The pics are on the FD Site but I picked a few as my favourites.

And if you're curious about the show...youtube it! :D
"Strawberry Heroes" and TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA you got us :)
This is, if you don't want to see the show live and/or on DVD.. ;)
We're playing again at ANIMUC 2010 and COMICSALON ERLANGEN also 2010.

Don't miss it...it will be even better ;)

But now, on to the pics! :)
Collapse )

Curious? Check the Vids out... It's great :D (although it's completly in German...except the songs...they are English... ;) )

I admit I mainly picked Pics with Booster...the others are also worth checking out ;)
Look here : FANTASYDAYS- A Hero's Quest

Oh and did I mention that we won in the DKMS Video contest? :D
We're one of the five best! (We'll know the exact rank on 30.11.. We were invited to the finale :) It's in Cologne and I'm really looking forward to it :D)

I'm so freakin' happy *___*
Our Show went fine, we won a Video contest, study works out (I didn't miss too much *puh*), and we got two offers to play 'A hero's quest'
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The last hello til Fantasydays

Well well...

I'm waiting right now for a Mixdown of our Superhero Show and so I've got a few minutes XD

The music is done. REALLY done :D
Yeah me!
Yeah me for finally finishing it...
And not yeah me that I still need to edit the Videos for the show @___@

Shows are a horrible thing you know...
You plan, you rehearse, you don't allow yourself to sleep, you 'forget' your study stuff...
...all that it will be over soon.

And maybe it will be worth it.
The whole work, the whole money (oh boy...I never made so much costumes in such a short time *drop*), the whole passion.

Most of the time it IS worth it.
It's the feeling when your on stage and your audience claps to praise you and say thank you.
And of course the urge to entertain.

Well well.
I guess I have to start editing the videos now^^°
Everything is saved and so I've got no excuse to wait any longer *whistles innocently*

FANTASYDAYS...we're coming! And we will bring a fuckin' great Superhero Show :DDD

(I may mention that I'm stupid XD I damaged my Booster costume during rehearsals -noooo my shiny Booster knee isn't shiny anymore because Domina!Catwoman made me go down on my knees T__T- and my ring broke...my ring T___T *sniffs*
That's what you get when you finally say to your friends that you are engaged now and still wear the ring on rehearsals...and throw yourself on the ground when the scene demands it and...well^^°)

(Pictures will follow as soon as the Fantasydays are over^^° The REAL horrible fact is, that I still need to do TONS of stuff after Fantasydays...RL stuff >o<; )
piper kido

Sometimes I come to think...

...these are highly interessting combinations:

-Editing the Superhero Show and watching at the same time with breaks a documentary about Jonestown.

-Being tired because of a highly amount of non-sleep because of the Show and still be happy as crazy to at least finished ONE scene (well...at least it is an important scene *sigh*)

-Being NOT agressive and angry although my Prof. was too stupid to say all of the 8 (!) people of the course that her class wasn't planned to start today. (bye bye sleep T___T)

-Being thrilled by the fact that my Booster Gold costume is almost finished (OH YES) but at the same time looking in the mirror and think 'I look just wrong in the costume XD'

-Being motivated like hell although my semester just started and it's going to be a tough one.

-Looking forward to this WE (rehearsals! :D ) and panicking at the same time XD

Seriously...what is wrong with me? XD

I just want to add:
Yep, I still dwell under the living and most important the creative living.
Fortunately I got all the courses I want at University (*yes :D*) and even the job at the Video archiv (*double YES* :D Watching films and getting money for it *yeah* :D)
The last half year was pretty busy and I'm really sorry I didn't catch up with all the new stuff at my flist properly.
Problem is, the next half year will also be pretty busy...A show wants to be staged :DD

Well well...
...but I really want to post more...for real^^°
(someday I really HAVE to post all the stuff I'm doing....I can't let the few pics on dA be my only portfolio *whistles*^^°)

Okay...I'm off again for the editing ^^°

Don't wait up, because I guess it will pass....some....time to the next post ;)

So long and feel all hugged tightly!

How are you all?
Everything okay?
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What I have done...lately ^^°

Hey everybody!

Wondered why I was up up and away for some time?

Well, it has been some busy busy weeks...
First off, my study almost killed me XD
The movie about the cows was finished just in time, my interactive media stuff also (thanks to hetearia) and my tests went well - I hope^^°

Then we immediately started to sew for AnimagiC 09 (it was great by the way... just my birthday was really really...WET XD), I drew my doujinshi for a contest (Manga meets fairytales), did a sketch for family friends of hetearia's mom and dad, filmed, edited and uploaded Video contest stuff...and so on and so on. (and yes...my first attempting to a funeral in my life also happened in the last weeks...)

You see, I wasn't lazy this time^^°
Although I missed a lot of birthdays...I'm really sorry, I thought of all of you. I hope everybody had a wonderful B-day :)

But the reason I truly write, is the Videocontest.
It's done by DKMS, DeutscheKnochenMarkSpende, and we participated as well.
This is the list of all the entries and it would be great if you could vote!
Although you may not understand all of it, but I think it's important to make DKMS more known and your help (spreading the contest through the web) would be really great!
Of course, if you think we were the best with our four Superhero spots...feel free to give us your vote ;D

Here we go: